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The University's Wi-Fi network has the following identifier (SSID): Eduroam is the global secure mobility service developed for the academic and research community. Eduroam follows the motto “open your laptop and you're connected”.

The service allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to have Internet connectivity through their own campus and when visiting other participating institutions.


About eduroam ES

Eduroam ES is an initiative included in the RedIRIS project that is responsible for coordinating the efforts of academic institutions at national level in order to achieve a single space for mobility. A wide group of organisations participates in this mobility space, which, based on a usage policy and a series of technological and functional requirements, allows its users to move between them while having connectivity at all times.

On the other hand, eduroam ES is part of the eduroam initiative at international level, financed through GEANT 3, and operated by several European academic networks and TERENA. This initiative extends the mobility space to the European academic field, through eduroam Europe, and builds bridges with eduroam Canada, eduroam US, and eduroam APAN (Asia and the Pacific region). 

To configure eduroam it is recommended to use the installation profiles available in eduroam CAT (Configuration Assistant Tool), which make the configuration work easier for the users.

  • Have an IEEE 802.11 (a/g/n) certified wireless card.
  • WPA2-Enterprise support (at the wireless card and operating system level. In addition, the wireless client application used to connect must support the EAP-TTLS authentication mechanism via PAP).
  • Have a network user account and email.