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Visual Identity

What is Visual Identity?

The visual identity of UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia is the main image of the institution projected in all its communicative messages.


Corporate colours

In this section you can find the official colours of the University. As always, we recommend to download and read the manual of identity to see the rules of use.

Guía de colores


The selection of one or another font will depend on the nature of the project. Below, the different fonts that compose the UCAM brand are described.

tipografía Myriad

Myriad Pro is a very flexible and pleasing to the eye font. It has a modern finishing and its own identity and personality. It has a regular, a semi bold and a bold version. It also has its italics and condensed variations.

Tipografía Arial

The famous font called Arial is the second corporate font of UCAM. It will be used in the majority of the documents, web pages, etc. It was selected for its universality and ease of use when it comes to the communicative needs of a large university community. It has a regular and a bold version.

Tipografía Palatino

Palatino is a very extended font. It was conceived for scientific and research projects. It is the basic font of the UCAM brand.

Tipografía Open Sans

The Open Sans typeface is the second UCAM corporate typeface. It was chosen because of its
resemblance to the primary UCAM typeface. The typeface is available in different fonts: light,
regular, bold, black and all its italic variations. [Download]


Here you will find all the materials you may need for the elaboration of your presentations, official documents, books, web pages, etc. If you use Windows, you will normally need Word and PowerPoint templates. If you use Apple products, the templates of Keynote and Pages are available.

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