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Tuition Fees per year

66.58 €/ECTS

3,995 € EU

4,900 € Non-EU





ECTS Credits





4 Years

  • Taught in English
  • Guaranteed work experience
  • Multicultural environment
  • Developed professional skills
  • New bilingual teaching method
  • Spanish Language Courses


Quinten Missiaen, exchange student from Netherlands

“The teachers at UCAM are very familiar. If I do not know something really good, I can just send them an email or ask. They are very flexible and they are willing to help international students. I would recommend the UCAM University.”

Career Opportunities

Successful graduates of the Bachelor´s in Modern Languages can seize a variety of professional profiles and employment opportunities such as:


  • Language teachers.
  • Literature collaborators to academic journals.
  • Researchers in linguistics, literature and cultural studies.
  • Translators for private or public institutions.
  • Advisors in linguistic and cultural media companies.
  • Professionals in intercultural mediation and multicultural teamwork.
  • Agents in international relations.
  • Professionals in language support.


Student Mobility

The Bachelor´s in Modern Languages has a firm commitment to the internationalisation of our students through exchange programmes with various nations and continents as well as through direct cooperative agreements with prestigious partner universities.

Student Profile

An essential prerequisite for future students is a predisposition and enthusiasm to learn and perfect their linguistic-communicative skills in various languages.

As an entry requirement, a B2 level of communicative competence in English in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is recommended. There is no minimum level of German or French. Given that in the curriculum there, are subjects taught in Spanish, a B2 level in this language is recommended for those students whose mother tongue is not Spanish.


Our principal objective is to develop in our students a high level of communicative competence in two foreign languages (English-German or English-French) as well as foster an in-depth knowledge base of the respective cultures and their socio-economic and historical backgrounds. Another priority of the degree is the development of a strong ethical and human value based perspective so as to further ensure optimal opportunities in the labour market. The Degree offers two itineraries or branches: language and international communication, and foreign language teaching and learning.


Degree accredited by: National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Spain

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