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Sports University

Universidad del Deporte


The Catholic University of San Antonio of Murcia (UCAM) is already recognized worldwide as 'the University of Sports'. Our strong support for athletes and teams have shaped a unique model inspired by universities in the United States, but with our own character, have adapted to the reality of sports and the Spanish university system.

There is currently a joint effort with the Spanish Olympic Committee for which UCAM assists hundreds of athletes with a triple track: sports sponsorship, scholarship in studies, and personalized tutoring. Thanks to this, more than sixty athletes from UCAM participated in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and obtained excellent results: 15 medals and 9 Olympic diplomas; and 9 medals and 3 Paralympic diplomas. Sportsmen like Mireia Belmonte (Swimming), Carolina Marín (Badminton), Ruth Beitia and Miguel Ángel López (Track and Field), Lidia Valentín (Weightlifting), Javier Fernández (Ice Skating), Saúl Craviotto (Canoeing), Mario Mola (Triathlon) or Joel González (Taekwondo) are some of the most outstanding athletes of the UCAM.


The model of UCAM as a sports university has drawn attention beyond the Spanish borders, leading a project of the European Union to improve and export its working method to other universities in the United Kingdom, Italy, Greece and Malta. Additionally, in research focused on sports, UCAM is becoming an international benchmark.  Our researchers are working in areas such as the prevention of injuries, the fight against doping, high sports performance, and sports nutrition.