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Reservation of study places

  1. Log in on the Take a Spot app with your UCAM email and password. You will be required to register before logging in for the first time.

Register Login to the app

  1. Choose your library (Murcia or Cartagena).
  2. Choose the date and time from one of the available slots.
  3. Finally, choose your spot.
  4. Once you arrive, remember to scan the QR code placed on your table within the first 30 minutes of your booking, otherwise your spot will become available for another user to book.
  5. If you leave before your reservation time is up, don’t forget to scan the code again to make your seat available for someone else.

Further information about bookings


Please use your UCAM email and password (***** Once you have completed your registration, you will receive a confirmation email, and after clicking on the confirmation link, you will be able to log in on the Take a Spot app.

Please check your UCAM inbox, as well as other folders like Spam or unwanted email. Remember that you didn’t use your personal mail for registration.

If you are unable to find your confirmation email, please ask UCAM’s Library staff for assistance or call (+34) 968 27 88 56.

In order to log in, you must have registered with your UCAM email and password first and have clicked on your confirmation link. Make sure you access with the same email and password you used for registration, which is NOT your personal email.

If you are unable to log in, please ask UCAM’s Library staff for help or call (+34) 968 27 88 56.

Every Library user is required to scan the QR twice through the Take a Spot app; once for checking in at your arrival, and the second time for checking out once you have finished using the spot.

Once you arrive at your study space, it is important to scan the QR code on the table within the first 30 minutes of your reserved time slot. Should you arrive later or forget to scan the QR code, your booking would automatically be cancelled and your spot might be reallocated to another user.

If you find someone else in the spot you booked and they claim to have booked it too, it is because you didn’t scan the QR code within the first 30 minutes. Therefore, you will have to make a new booking for a different study space.

Let’s say your reservation is from 09:00 to 11:00 and you decide to leave at 10:00. There is still an hour left for that slot to be used by someone else, which is why you must scan the code a second time. This way, that seat will be available for someone else during the hour left in that slot.

Remember: you are required to scan the code before you leave your study space.

The QR must only be scanned twice: the first time when arriving to your spot, and the second time when leaving. If you accidentally scan it again right after the first time, the app understands you checked in and out, so it will cancel your booking and your spot will become available once again. In that case, you will have to rebook that spot, or book another one.

You can have a total of 6 active bookings up to 3 days in advance. You can either have 6 bookings back-to-back on the same day, or spread them out as you need within three days. 

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