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The Library

UCAM Library ensures that users have as many resources and information available to them as they need during their academic and research life by providing everyone with a customised service.

UCAM Library services are general and centralized, and the library has both open access and store collections. All our resources can be accessed digitally, either through the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) or the Academic Search Engine BUSCAM.


Murcia’s Library Staff

  • Ms. María Dolores Ríos Almazán - Director of the UCAM Library, Newspaper Archives and Media Archives

  968278834 (ext.834)

  • Mr Pedro Postigo Gimeno - Head of Library Digital Systems

  968278773 (ext.773)

  • Ms. Sara Bermúdez Álvarez - Head of Interlibrary Loan and User Support

  968278572 (ext.572)

  • Mr Antonio Rex Alegría - Head of Technical Process and Loans


  • Ms. Irene Nadal Gil - Library Assistant

  968278549 (ext.549)

  • Mr Tomás Julio Montalvo Gil - Library User Support

  968278856 (ext.856)

  • Ms. Sonia García Vives - Library User Support

  968278856 (ext.856)

Cartagena’s Library Staff

  • Mr. Enrique Antonio Pellicer Valverde - ALibrary Assistant

  968787934 (ext.934)

  • Mr. Joaquín José Giménez Berbel - Library Assistant

  968787934 (ext.934)