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The School


UCAM Spanish Sports University offers a high quality education in line with the standards required at UCAM: The Catholic University San Antonio of Murcia. With qualified faculty and curriculum, our programs are designed to train and develop future professionals in the field of sports.

Spain competes in some of the most competitive leagues in the world. Its sports clubs and entities are set up to be able to achieve management excellence, and our students are taught the knowledge needed to become apart of the top sports companies, all provided by our faculty and trained professionals. Some of our specialty areas include administration, research, marketing, communication, facilities and events management, sports nutrition, high performance sports, and sports sciences.

As a result of the growth in the sports sector in the last decade, there is the growing need to train professionals in various sports sectors. Our sports management students learn to effectively and efficiently manage each of the coordinative and organizational aspects of sport.

UCAM Spanish Sports University's aim is to fulfill an essential role in the world of sports today: the formation of experienced sports professionals, both in technical work and the management of sports clubs and entities. .