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Tuition Fees per year

116.50 €/ECTS

6,990 € EU

6,990 € Non-EU





ECTS Credits



4 Years

  • Taught in English
  • Direct access to Official Master's Degrees and PhD Studies
  • Modern Infrastructure and Latest technology
  • International Students mobility in Europe
  • Study at the Sport University in Spain
  • Specialization in Sports training
  • Specialization in Sports Management and Recreation
  • Specialization in Physical Education and Sport
  • Specialization in Physical and Functional Re-Education
  • Specialization in Sport Sailing and Regatta Organization
  • Spanish Language Courses


Jude Emara, a student in Bachelor's Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences.

“I chose UCAM, because when I was looking at the courses, all of them are theoretical and also practical. Studying by the book and writing, having exams and a lot of practical classes”.

Career Opportunities

At the end of the Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences you are qualified to practice as a professional in the following fields:

  • Teaching in secondary schools and universities.
  • Teaching in public or private sports centers.
  • Sports management.
  • Freelance technician.
  • Design and implementation of recreational sport and tourism.
  • Management of sports facilities and equipment.
  • Manager and promoter of sports companies.
  • Sports performance coach.
  • Physical education training.
  • Design and implementation of regimes (physical exercise, diets, etc.) to promote, maintain and improve physical health.

Student Mobility

The Bachelor Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science offers to the student the possibility to continue studying the program in one of our partner universities. The student can select his best choice into a large number of the partner universities in different regions around Europe.

Student Profile

Future undergraduates in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences should be interested in the following areas of knowledge:

  • Exercise and sports practices.
  • Physical Education and management of sport and physical activity.
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences applied to the practice of physical activity and sport.
  • Exercise Physiology, oriented towards health and sport performance.
  • Morphological Sciences, Biomechanics and Ergonomics applied to physical activity and sport.
  • Organization and management of physical activity and sport.


The Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science is an Official Accredited Program by ANECA, the National Agency of Evaluation of Quality and Accreditation.

UCAM has young and highly qualified academic staff. Each international student is guided by a personal tutor and, in addition, a sports tutor can be assigned to athletes to be able to harmonize the academic and sport life.

Our experience in the field of sports and the international approach of our programs help the students to fully develop a wide range of career opportunities and research projects.

The University has new campus facilities and modern infrastructure, as UCAM Sports Center is the largest gym and fitness studio in Murcia.



Degree accredited by: National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Spain

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