Faculty Members


Sánchez Pato, Antonio

Dean of the Faculty of Sports, PhD


Alejandro Leiva Arcas

  • Degree in History.
  • Master's Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology Head of Academic Organization.
  • Faculty of Sports.
  • Member of the Olympic Studies Center.
  • Member of the Areté research group: Physical Education, Sport and Performance.

Subjects: Historical Foundations of Sport / Socio-cultural Foundations of Sports / Pedagogical Fundamentals of Sport


Rainer Gehrig

Since 2004 lecturer at UCAM at the department of Religious Sciences, director of the Master on Social Development. Doctoral Program on Social and Cultural Anthropology, International PhD on Social Development in 2017. Research Fields: Religion and Development, Organizational Ethnography, Theories of Poverty, Theology of Charity and Social Doctrine of the Church.

Subjects: Theology and Sacred Scripture / Theology II and Moral / Social Doctrine of the Church

Álvaro Berrocal Sarnelli

Since 2009 lecturer at UCAM at the department of Religious Sciences, academic coordinator of the Master on Christian Philosophy. Doctoral Program on Philosophy, International PhD on Medieval Ontology in 2018. Research Fields: Ontology, Metaphysics, Medieval Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy.

Subjects: Ethics / Humanities.

Carmen Daniela Quero Calero

Doctoral Program on Sport Medicine, International Chair of Sport Medicine-Faculty of Medicine. Bachelor in Sport Sciences and Master in Teaching Education. Research field in sport medicine, nutritional supplements in sport.

Subjects: Human Anatomy / Sport Physiology

Tomás T. Freitas

PhD candidate - Research Center for High Performance Sport, UCAM. MSc in High Performance Sport: Strength and Conditioning. Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS,*D). Research line: Strength and power assessment and training in team-sports.

Subjects: Learning, Development, and Motor Control

María de la Trinidad Morales Belando

PhD candidate at the Doctoral Program on Sport Sciences, UCAM. Master in Teaching Education in 2016. Master in Research in Physical Education and Health in 2014. Bachelor’s Physical Activity and Sport Sciences in 2013. Research Fields: Teaching, Youth Sport, and Rule Modification.

Subjects: Pedagogical Foundations of Sport.

Aarón Manzanares Serrano

Since 2013 lecturer at UCAM at the department of Sport Science Doctoral Program on Sport Science in 2013. Research Fields: Sailing, Visual behavior, Learning and Motor Control.

Subjects: Water Sports

Sebastián Gómez-Lozano

Expert in Artistic Performance and Dance. Developmental Movement Patterns and Dance Researcher. Spinal Patterns and Anatomy in Dance PhD. In The last 20 years has been Head of Master in Dance and Art of Movement and Head of Expert Course in Flamenco.

Subjects: Physical Expression and Dance Lecturer / Somatic Practices and Dance 

Oriol Abellán Aynés

PhD candidate - International chair of sports medicine - faculty of medicine - UCAM; MSc in High Performance Sport: Strength and Conditioning. Prize in sports medicine research 2015. Research line: Extreme environments, Heart rate variability, systems complexity. Research group: International group of sports medicine research (INGRIS).

Subjects: Sports initiative principles / Individual and collective Sports I Sports / Sports and gymnastic activities and musical support / Individual and collective sports II

Daniel López-Plaza Palomo

PhD candidate - International Chair of Sport Medicine-Faculty of Medicine (INGRIS). MSc by Research - Lincoln University (UK). Bachelor’s in Physical Activity and Sports Science. Research line: Sports Medicine, Kayaking, Biological maturity.

Subjects: Sports Initiative Principles / Individual and Team Sports II / Data Analysis.

Linda Haiwon Chung

MS in Exercise Science; PhD in Kinesiology (both from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, U.S.A.). UCAM since 2014. Lecturer for the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. Coordinator of the Master's Program in High Performance Sport: Strength and Conditioning. Project coordinator in the Research Center for High Performance Sport.

Subjects: Human Anatomy

Pedro E. Alcaraz

PhD. NSCA CPT*D & CSCS*D. Director of UCAM Sports University. Director of UCAM Research Center for High Performance Sport. Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM), SPAIN. Research line: Strength and power assessment and training in team-sports.

Subjects: Strength Training & Sport Nutrition / Data Analysis.

Ana Abad Carlés

PhD in Music at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. MA in Ballet Studies at the University of Roehampton, London. BA (Hons) in Art History at the Universidad de Zaragoza. Lecturer in Dance at UCAM and external lecturer at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos I, Madrid. Guest lecturer at various universities and dance conservatoires in Spain, United Kingdom, Argentina, Uruguay and the Dominican Republic.

Research line: Dance Studies

Luis Manuel Martínez Aranda

Ph.D. Research Methodology in Health Sciences. University of Cordoba, Spain. M.Sc. High-Performance Sport. University Pablo de Olavide. Spain. M.Sc. Sport Psychology. UNED. Spain. B.S. Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport. University of Granada, Spain. Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden.

Subjects: Fighting and Implement Sports (Judo) / Sports II / Volleyball / Conceptual Basis of Sports Sciences / Psychology and Behavioural Analysis in Sports / Individual and Team Sports I / Football / Self-Defense / Research Methodology & Exercise Physiology modules / Undergraduate and Master thesis supervisor / Practicum supervisor

Carmen Martínez Villanueva

Bachelor in Physical Education. Postgraduate University Expert in Disability, and Life and Movement Techniques in Natural Environment. Postgraduate Master Degree in Down Syndrome and other psychic disabilities, in Dance and Movement Arts and in Techniques of Survival in Nature Physical Education teacher at Secondary School (1998-2018), teaching in bilingual programs since 2012. International Badminton Referee and member of the European Badminton Commission. Erasmus+ project participant since 2008.

Subjects: Racket Sport / Gymnastic and Sport and Music / Outdoor activities

Elena Conde Pascual

Since 2016 lecturer at UCAM at the department of Sport Science PhD – Physical Activities and Sports (“Conciliation among sport life and education in elite athletes in Spain: a quantitative vision” Master's Degree - Research in Physical Activities and Sports Master's Degree - Sports Management and Administration Expert Degree - Physical Activities and Sports Erasmus+ project participant since 2016

Subjects: Sociology of sport and sports management

Domenico Cherubini

Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, as well as a degree in Management and Direction of Sports Installations from Rome. Various postgraduate studies related to the sports area, and a doctorate in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences from the University of Granada (ES). After years working as a physical education teacher, and after funding two sports associations, where he worked as the president during many years, at the moment he is professor at UCAM, focusing his research on the analysis of movement of the elderly and of the people with special needs.