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Master´s Degree in European Union Studies and Human Rights

*Continuing Education Master


On Campus

ECTS Credits



6,300 €/Course




1 year



Why study European Union Studies and Human Rights with us?

  • A work placement of 210 hours
  • Visit to the European institutions in Brussels
  • Multicultural environment
  • Guaranteed work experience
  • Spanish Language Courses
  • 8 out 10 students of this master find a job after completing this program

UCAM Experiences

“I saw that UCAM was offering a master’s program that not only taught human rights but also gave us an opportunity to learn about the European Union, so I was very interested in taking it." 

Veka Cruz, Filipina Student.

Bandera Unión Europea

Aims and Career Opportunities

This is a professionalizing program. This is not a research path oriented program.

General Aims of the Program:

  • To offer a post-graduate multidisciplinary training about the European Union, its evolution, and its importance.
  • To form 25 specialists in EU constitution, legislation, and human rights every year by means of a stringent theoretical-practical approach.
  • To further attract top-level professors and experts to UCAM.
  • To promote research and top quality teaching on the European Union in order to shape a reference research center with a highly international scope.
  • To internationalize student training by increasing their mobility through visits to European institutions in Brussels.

 Career Opportunities:

  • EU Institutions and European Bodies
  • International Organizations
  • Foreign Trade Offices 
  • International Media
  • Consulting
  • Specialized Law Firms
  • Public Administration
  • Research Centers Dedicated to European Affairs
  • International Relations Offices
  • Non-Governmental Organizations

Target Group / Key Facts

Fully developed in English, this master’s degree offers candidates a highly recommended training in European constitution and legislation. Graduates in Tourism, Political Science, Business Administration and Law, as well as Social and Communication Sciences, from the degree’s target audience. Furthermore, lawyers working on European legislation are welcome to join this program.

It has also a great interest for graduates in Business Administration who seek to ensure their share of the common market. The students profile is completed by graduates in Tourism, Political Sciences, Business Administration, Law, Social Sciences and Communication Sciences. Lawyers working on European legislation are specific target groups of the Master as well.

Student Profile

This master’s degree offers candidates a highly recommended training in European constitution and legislation. The target group of this program are graduates in Tourism, Political Science, Business Administration and Law, as well as Social Sciences and Communication Sciences. Furthermore, lawyers working on European legislation are welcome to join this program.

Entry requirements

Enrollment in or completion of university studies is required for admission to the program.

Other entry requirements are: 

  • Scanned biopage of your valid passport
  • Bachelor’s academic transcript and degree certificate
  • Statement of Purpose/Motivational Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae


Studying a Master in European Union and Human Rights at UCAM opens doors to invaluable opportunities and helps students engage with prominent companies, enabling them to apply the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the program. The internship will foster professional growth that will equip students with the necessary preparation to thrive in the competitive business world.

UCAM’s career services:

  • SOIL – “Orientation and Work Placement Service” 
  • UCAM Portal de Empleo - employment portal for students and alumni
  • “Network of Recruiting Erasmus” - a service that promotes placement of students in various companies that recognize the value of international experience.

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The faculty´s large team of researchers come from various academic backgrounds, specializing in different aspects of the European Constitution & EU legislation. They include a large number of civil servants and consultancy experts involved in the daily practices of the European Union.

The Master's in European Union Studies and Human Rights represents an innovation in the educational field. Its support of a face-to-face formation, the active involvement of students of various nationalities, combined visits to European institutions and the mixed approach of the provided training makes UCAM’s Master's in EU Studies and Human Rights a rigorous, innovative and top quality program.

Master in Continuing Education

This program is a Continuing Education Master, also known as Master of Professional Development. It represents a dedicated academic initiative meticulously designed to facilitate specialization in a chosen subject area.

The Continuing Education Master adheres to rigorous regulatory and quality standards established by the university. The concept of continuing education encompasses the perpetual pursuit of knowledge and skills throughout an individual's lifespan, thereby fostering personal and professional growth.

The goal of this program is to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in one's field, and to continually improve one's abilities and competencies in order to stay competitive in the workforce.

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visit Brussels

Educational trips & activities

The students of UCAM's Master's Degree in European Union Studies and Human Rights recently had the opportunity to visit Brussels, the political capital of Europe, to complement and complete their studies. During their visit, they had the chance to explore some of the most important institutions of the European Union, including the European Parliament and the European Commission.


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