• Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world
  • DELE examen Preparation included
  • Direct access to the official degrees in Spanish
  • Spanish is the mother tongue of 550 million people


On Campus


1 Year



Tuition Fees per year

245 €/ECTS

4,750 € EU

ECTS Credits






Vinicius Oliveira, 1-Year Spanish Program student from Brazil

"Being able to speak Spanish will help me a lot because I live in South America and most South American countries speak Spanish"

Career Opportunities

  • The main target of UCAM's 1-Year Spanish Preparatory Program is to provide students with the contents necessary to advance one stipulated skill level per course or year, depending on the number of hours per course. All our courses are set up in such as way that they facilitate teaching and learning activities according to the European Common Framework Criteria regarding languages (A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2). Certified teachers specialized in their respective mother tongue direct UCAM's language courses, including different activities that make learning both fun and interesting.
  • Access to the official Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in the Spanish Language


  • Achieve the necessary abilities to cope spontaneously and naturally with the different situations of everyday routines (within professional, personal, public and educational fields).
  • Develop communicative skills that enable the student to understand and produce oral and written texts and to interact efficiently with Spanish speaking people.
  • Recognize the most known sociocultural features of Spanish world in order to get a general view of our cultural heritage.
  • Identify and recognize the different social standards, behavioral patterns and customs of Spanish society.

Student Profile

These courses are aimed at students who have finished High School, prior to entering university, or anyone from the age of 18 onwards wishing to acquire a good level of Spanish. We also welcome undergraduate students or students who have completed their bachelor’s degree and wish to undertake a language course prior to the start of their master’s, and who require some knowledge of the Spanish language for their course or professional training.


The 1-Year Spanish Preparatory Program at UCAM has:

  • Official Accredited Program (DELE)
  • Personalized attention to students
  • Reduced number of students per class
  • Practical approach of the subjects
  • Wide range of career opportunities
  • New campus and infrastructures