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Digital Library

Digital resources such as databases, electronic monographs, electronic journals, legal portals, etc., are available for users through UCAM’s Digital Library.

This website also provides Open Access electronic resources.

Ilustración Secretaría Central
  • The UCAM Library has obtained licences for electronic resources that authorise their use for academic purposes exclusively. They can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connexion and through the WIFI network of the university campus.
  • Authorised users may print, store, and copy journal articles, book chapters or partial database records, always in reasonable numbers and for research and teaching purposes only. In no way will this be in conflict with the specific conditions of each licence. Users must accept the specific consultation conditions of each resource.
  • Restrictions on the use of electronic resources:
    • Copying whole issues of journals, electronic books or databases is prohibited.
    • Records cannot be tampered with or altered in any way.
    • Mass downloading of information is forbidden.
    • Using the information obtained for commercial or for-profit purposes is not allowed.
    • Any use that may infringe the current Spanish Intellectual Property Law (R.D.L 1/1996 of 12 April 1996, amended by Law 23/2006 of 7 July 2006) is prohibited.

Electronic resources