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EnglishPreparatory Program


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4.500 €/Course




730 Total Hours



Why studying English Preparatory Program with us?

UCAM Experience

"They have a very good structure for the international students. When I got here we got a really good reception, we got everything we needed"

Xiangxin Sun, exchange student from Asia

Big Ben

Student Profile

Students interested in studying the English Preparatory Course.

A1 level students interested in an intensive English course seeking to develop communicative abilities, in order to reach an intermediate level (B2), according to the Common Framework European Language Reference (CFER). The course includes the TRINITY exam (B2).

Besides that, there will be classroom tasks leading with English people’s everyday life, personal relationships, social conventions or standards or the behavior in society, in order to promote the acquisition of linguistic, sociocultural and pragmatic knowledge. 

Career Opportunities

This subject involves the heaviest academic load of this English Preparatory Course. Students will develop their communicative ability according to the integration of the different skills: writing, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, speaking and oral interaction. The study of grammar and vocabulary must be connected to the use scenery so that the student can have a good command of English as a useful tool in order to be able to cope successfully within any communicative situation.

The student that passes the corresponding tests per level will have the certification of the level reached, hence the student that passes all the tests will receive a B2 Certificate at the end of the course.


  • Achieve the necessary abilities to cope spontaneously and naturally with the different situations of everyday routines (within professional, personal, public and educational fields).
  • Develop communicative skills that enable the student to understand and produce oral and written texts and to interact efficiently with English speaking people.
  • Recognize the most known socio-cultural features of English world in order to get a general view of its cultural heritage.
  • Identify and recognize the different social standards, behavioral patterns and customs of English society.


The English Preparatory Course  at UCAM has:

  • Official Accredited Exam (Trinity)
  • Personalized attention to students
  • Reduced number of students per class
  • The practical approach of the subjects
  • International Students environment
  • New campus and infrastructures
  • International tutorship

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