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Media Archives

The purpose of the Media Archives service is to grant users access to other special materials using computers and other multimedia equipment. Our Media Archives staff offers customised assistance and there are PCs available at the library as well.

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Special materials included in the Media Archives:

DVDs and CD-ROMs, Videos, Cassette Tapes and Microfilms.

Available resources to access these materials on-site:

  • PCs with Internet access at the library, as well as PCs for group work.
  • Printer linked to all PCs.
  • Wi-Fi available in all Media Library facilities
  • Priority Study Room for Laptop Users
  • Accessible, Disability-friendly Study Room
  1. University staff may require users to show their Student ID.
  2. Users are not allowed to book computers. UCAM can do so, if needed. 
  3. In order to use the printer, each user will be responsible for bringing their own sheets of paper.
  4. Users who misuse any of the facilities, computer equipment or the Internet, for purposes other than academic or those intended by the university, will be asked to leave the Media Archives at once. Furthermore, they will be banned from the Library for a month. Should they refuse to comply, UCAM’s Security services will be informed and the user will  be forced to abandon the building.
  6. We appreciate your cooperation and we would like to remind you that the Library staff is at your disposal, should you have any questions or suggestions.


Users CD and DVD UC (CD) Videos
Faculty Members (PDI) Available for borrowing Reference Only Available for borrowing
Staff Members (PAS) Available for borrowing Reference Only Available for borrowing
Students Available for borrowing Reference Only Available for borrowing