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Portales Especializados UCAM

Specialised Search Portals

Academic search engines with resources carefully selected and arranged by university specialists, ensuring the quality and relevance of the information in every area.


For StudentsAn excellent way to access quality information for your research and projects. You will find high quality and relevant resources to support your assignments and learn how to manage all the information resources that will make a difference in your studies and your future career.


For TeachersA valuable tool to develop lesson plans and find quality educational resources for your classes. Find academic and research materials for teaching, activities and assessments to enhance your students’ learning.


For ResearchersA powerful tool to find and access relevant and updated information in your field of study. Search for recent studies, scientific articles, theses, data and other resources relevant to your research.


For Professionals Harness the power of academic and scientific information to gain an advantage in your career. A useful tool to keep you up to date in your field and find relevant information to support your work and decision making.