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The first academic search portal specialised in sports performance.

Designed to encourage students, researchers and professionals in the daily performance of their activities within the area of high-performance sports. One single portal to a whole world of sports performance resources at your fingertips:


For StudentsGet access to all the sport-related resources you need for your undergraduate or master’s dissertation.


For TeachersFind all the academic information and teaching resources you need to prepare your classes or continue your education.


For ResearchersAll the information on studies, articles, journals and scientific projects on Sport and High Performance.


For ProfessionalsKeep up to date with trends and developments in your field of work.

UCAM Research Centre for High Performance Sport | CIARD

The UCAM Research Centre for High Performance Sport (CIARD-UCAM) was founded to meet an increasing social need for research, assessment, control and counselling in sporting performance in our area. Leader in research, comprehensive assessment of health and sports performance, with services in Sports Medicine, Sports Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Biomechanics.

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UCAM Research

Research is an essential part of the structure of UCAM and our research staff's mission is to promote the transfer of knowledge to contribute to progress and social welfare.

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Spanish Sports University

With the support of the Spanish Olympic Committee, UCAM has created the Spanish Sports University, which offers different postgraduate programmes to train future professionals in the field of sports.

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In need of further training? UCAM offers you a wide range studies that will expand your knowledge in the field of sports.

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Classroom-based and online degrees in Spanish and English

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Master's Degree in Specialisation and Research

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Doctorate Programmes in Sports Sciences

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