Sports Physiotherapy

Place: On Campus (Murcia)
Duration: 2 weeks
Hours: 40 hours
Visits: 1 per week
Schedule: Monday to Friday 09:00-14:00
or 16:00-21:00
Dates: September/ January/ July 
Credits:  4 ECTS
Minimum: 10 students
Price: 2.310€
Services Included:
1 Professor/tutor for free
Accommodation (triple or double room upon availability)
Breakfast and lunch (excluding weekends)
Transport Card (Murcia city)
Teaching materials
UCAM welcome pack
Murcia city guided tour
UCAM Course Completion Certificate
1 company visit per week
Airport transfer to Murcia or Pick up services are not incluided

Due to major advances in the sports sector during the last decade, it has now become necessary to train professionals in all areas of this field. Therefore, the main objective of this program is to train elite sports physiotherapists and supply them the tools they require to become successful in this field. For this reason, we intend to have the best teachers for all subjects from not just a theoretical point of view but, above all, a practical one.

Francesc Cos. 
PhD in Sport Science & Sport Physiotherapist.
Head of performance & health NY City F.C. 
Ex- strength conditioning coach F.C. Barcelona. 

Shaun Huygaerts 
MsC. in High Performance Sport & Sport Physiotherapist. 
Head of Strength and Conditioning and Physiotherapist at Antwerp FC, PhD Student

Pedro Emilio Alcaraz
PhD. Director CIARD-UCAM

Tomas Freitas
PhD. Sport Scientist 

Linda Chung
PhD. at UCAM

Juan José López
PhD. MD Sport Traumatologist 

Ivan Nácher Moltó
Elite Soccer Player Physiotherapist. PhD. Student

1st week
Biomedics and Physiotherapy in Sport

SESSION 1 (Monday, June 22th) 

  • 9.30 “Tour in UCAM + Course Introduction”
  • 11.30 BREAK
  • 12.00 Exercise Physiology (Francesc Cos)
  • 14.00 LUNCH
  • 19.00- 21.00 Murcia: Cultural Tour

SESSION 2 (Tuesday, June 23th)

  • 9.30 Biomechanic and Movement in Sports I (Francesc Cos)
  • 11.30 BREAK
  • 12.00 Biomechanic and Movement in Sports II (Francesc Cos)
  • 14.00 LUNCH

SESSION 3 (Wednesday, June 24th) (Professor Francesc Cos)

  • 9.00 Exploration Techniques in Sport I 
  • 11.30 BREAK
  • 12.00 Exploration Techniques in Sport I
  • 14.00 LUNCH
  • 15.30 Exploration Techniques in Sport II
  • 18.00 BREAK
  • 18.30 Exploration Techniques in Sport II

SESSION 4 (Thursday, June 25th)  

  • 9.30 Sports Traumatology I (Juan José)
  • 11.30 BREAK
  • 12.00 Sports Traumatology II (Juan José)
  • 14.00 LUNCH

SESSION 5 (Friday, June 26th) 

  • 9.30 Planning and Periodization of Training I (Pedro)
  • 11.30 BREAK
  • 12.00 Visit to UCAM CIARD (High-Performance Sports Research Center)
  • 14.00 LUNCH 

2nd week
Sports Training Programs

SESSION 1 (Monday, June 29th)

  • 9.30 Neuromuscular Training I (Tomás Freitas)
  • 11.30 BREAK
  • 12.00 Neuromuscular Training I (Tomás Freitas)
  • 14.00 LUNCH

SESSION 2 (Tuesday, June 30th) 

  • 9.30 Metabolic Training I (Pedro)
  • 11.30 BREAK
  • 12.00 Metabolic Training II (Tomás)
  • 14.00 LUNCH

SESSION 3 (Wednesday, July 1th) (Professor Shaun Huygaerts). Entire session will be in La Manga Club. 

  • 9.30 Special Techniques of Physiotherapy Treatment in Sport I (Shaun)
  • 11.30 BREAK
  • 12.00 Injury Prevention Training I (Shaun)
  • 14.00 LUNCH
  • 15.30 Injury Prevention Training II (Shaun)
  • 17.30 Visit to La Manga Club Facilities 

SESSION 4  (Thursday, July 2th) (Professor Shaun Huygaerts)

  • 9.30 Strategies for Developing the Return to Play I (Shaun)
  • 11.30 BREAK
  • 12.00 Strategies for Developing the Return to Play II (Shaun)
  • 14.00 LUNCH

SESSION 5 (Friday, July 3th)

  • 10:30 Graduation Ceremony
  • 12.00 Spanish Wine - farewell