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Accommodation Service

You will find here all the options to search for accommodation to study at UCAM. 

  9am to 2pm and 3:30pm to 6pm


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Discover the UCAM’s reference estate agent’s


Spain Student Housing will help you find accommodation in a simple, fast, secure way and with minimal management costs.

The best rooms in the region and fair prices for you.

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Los Jerónimos Residence Hall

The University’s residence hall has 41 rooms distributed in individual and shared flats, and separated into two different blocks for men and women.


  • Men's Residence Hall
    Places for men: 21.
  • Women’s Residence Hall
    Places for women: 20.

A place to live, study and share.

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Tips for looking for housing


  • Do not leave your search to the last minute, start early.
  • Take into account the location; check on this page if it is well connected with public transport that allows you to get to the university.
  • Make sure the flat is in a healthy condition and that the indications or photos shown are real.
  • Before signing a contract, read it well and resolve any doubts.

How to be a good tenant/flatmate?

  • Before placing your things, take photos of the entire flat to record any damage.
  • Whether you live alone or with someone else, establish a cleaning schedule or shifts.
  • If you share a flat, you can make a kitty for common expenses (cleaning products, toilet paper, etc.).
  • Remember to respect both your flatmates and your neighbours.
  • Talking makes people understand each other. If there an issue has arised between you and your flatmates or your landlord, discuss with him or her nicely.
  • Even in the common areas, it is necessary to distribute the space. Divide the shelves and drawers in a fair way.