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Virtual Campus

The Virtual Campus is the virtual door to your place of study, a powerful tool to complement your training.  

You can access it through or through the student portal.

Within the platform, all the subjects of each course are classified, all of them structured in didactic units. Each teacher will prepare a sequential content guide where you can consult:

  • Written materials. 
  • Audiovisual materials.
  • Calendar of videoconferences.
  • Tasks to be carried out. 
  • Performing self-assessments. 
  • Participation mechanisms (forums, chats, etc.)

Moreover, not only can you find the didactic material of your studies, but it also serves as a means of communication with the teachers and with your tutor when you need it.

  • Material Repository: with this tool you can integrate, by didactic units, the contents structured within a thematic area, independently of the typology of it. As an innovative element, it provides the student with an intuitive way to establish the sequentiality of study of the materials, and the teacher can establish the necessary milestones for the advancement of study.
  • Videoconferences: based on Blackboard Collaborate technology and perfectly integrated in the Virtual Campus, it offers, in the same communication space, a tutoring environment, complementing the face-to-face virtual learning with support tools (presentations, chat channels, video, etc). It allows the recording for later visualizations.
  • Chat: it allows to establish discussion dialogues, reflection to generate knowledge and immediate feedback.
  • Forums: aimed at encouraging group work, as it allows a specific topic to be developed jointly. Its dynamics helps students to nourish and generate a debate with the different approaches and interventions they make. These will be moderated by the teacher and redirected towards the educational purpose.
  • Calendar: it is possible to establish a planning of the different subjects, establishing the duration of each Didactic Unit and highlighting different activities such as exams, conferences, debates, date of delivery of practices, and in general, any event related to the subject. This tool is complemented by the announcement tool, which allows for the effective communication of any information of interest to the students.
  • Announcements: for a quick and effective communication with the student. It has an automatic notification system for students, consisting of sending an e-mail.
  • Exams: it allows to manage everything related to exams, from the creation of an exam to its automatic correction, being able to insert explanatory comments for each answer. The exams, both evaluation and self-evaluation, can be configured with different types of questions, such as test type, survey, short answer, fill in gaps, numerical answer, relate, true/false, audio recording, etc. They can be programmed in time and assigned a specific duration.
  • Tasks: to publish the practices of the subject, being able to write the specifications of such practice and attaching a file with them. It can be marked so that the assignment forms part of the course grade, or published as simple tasks that will not have repercussions on the course.


If you have any incidence with the Virtual Campus you can notify it through and we will work to solve it as soon as possible.