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The CYD 2023 Ranking highlights the international orientation of UCAM

The study by the Knowledge and Development Foundation awards UCAM with the highest rating in bachelor's and master's degrees taught in a foreign language

The commitment to internationalisation has been one of the cornerstones of the Universidad Católica de Murcia (UCAM) in recent years, an impulse that is reflected in the ever-increasing number of students from all over the world at its campuses in Murcia and Cartagena. One of the attractions for most of these students is the wide and varied range of excellent degrees, both undergraduate and postgraduate, that UCAM offers in English, which boosts its role as a centre of international attraction.

This work has led to the results that the institution – presided over by María Dolores García – has obtained in the 2023 Ranking of the CYD (Knowledge and Development) Foundation in terms of international orientation. UCAM is the leading university in the region, as it obtains the best score for all the indicators and is also at the top in relation to the rest of the private universities in Spain, as only eight of them, together with UCAM, have the highest performance in the indicators for bachelor's and master's degrees in a foreign language.

UCAM will continue to increase its offer of bilingual degrees and degrees in English due to the interest and strong demand from international students who want to study at a prestigious institution and live the experience of studying in Murcia or Cartagena.

English and bilingual degrees offered by the UCAM

Bachelor’s Degrees

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

Bachelor's Degree in Dentistry

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

Bachelor's Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences


Master's Degree in European Union Studies and Human Rights

Master's Degree in International Relations

Master's Degree in Tolerance Studies and Global Peace

Master's Degree in High Performance Sport: Strength and Conditioning

Master's Degree in Management of Sports Entities + MBA

MBA Master's Degree in Sports Management (Madrid campus)

Master's Degree in Bilingual Education

Master's Degree in Business Administration

Master's Degree in Sustainable Humanitarian Action

Master's Degree in Hospitality Management

Master's Degree in Innovation and Tourism Marketing