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B Learning

Tuition Fees per year

136.67 €/ECTS

8,200 € EU

8,200 € Non-EU





ECTS Credits



1 year

  • Two high performance research centers
  • High rate of employment after graduation
  • Master recognized by NSCA-ERP
  • NSCA-CPT and NSCA-CSCS credentials
  • Includes:

NSCA certification book

Exam fee to obtain one of the NSCA certifications (CPT or CSCS)

First aid and CPR course

Spanish Language Courses



Pedro Emilio Alcaraz, Master in High Performance's director

Pedro Emilio Alcaraz, Master's in High Performance programs director, says that one of the most important goals is the combination of scientific and practical knowledge.

The students will be able to know all the areas of sports sciences. They will have the possibility to do interships with professional teams.


  • Pedro Emilio Alcaraz Ramón, PhD, Professor at the Catholic University of Murcia. Director of the Research Center for High Performance Sport at UCAM and at La Manga Club.
  • Iñigo Mújika, PhD, Former Director of Research and Development of Athletic Club Bilbao, Former Physiologist of the Spanish Swimmer Federation.
  • Per Aagard, PhD, Professor at the University of Southern Denmark. Renowned physiologist and biomechanist in the area of neuromuscular and biomechanical adaptations induced by training and detraining.
  • Brad Schoenfeld, PhD, Professor at Lehman College in United States and internationally renowned fitness expert


UCAM´s Master in High Performance Sports is one of the few graduate programs recognized in the world by NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association). This means that our program is a unique opportunity for students to become the most qualified individuals on the market when it comes to high performance sports. Students have the ability to earn the NSCA-CPT or the NSCA-CSCS credentials, which ultimatley opens future doors both professionally and financially for our graduates.

Student Profile

To be able to enter this postgraduate program, students must have:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Sciences or equivalent
  • Background in Sport Sciences or equivalent
  • B1 level English


UCAM has two research centres in High Performance Sports: on campus and in La Manga Club, where students put into practice the content they learn in the Master's. These research centres assist 80 UCAM Olympic athletes, among them Mireia Belmonte (Olympic Swimming Medalist), Miguel Angel Lopez (athlete), Mario Mola (triathlete), as well as the UCAM Murcia Basketball Club (ACB) and UCAM Murcia Football Club (Second Division B) with their preparation, training and enhancement in their athletic performance.

The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) is the world-leading membership organization for thousands of elite strength coaches, personal trainers and dedicated researchers and educators.


Degree accredited by: National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Spain

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