Reasons to choose

The Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration at the UCAM has the following advantages:

  • Personalized attention to students
  • Reduced number of students per class
  • Integral education
  • Practical approach on the subjects
  • Wide range of career opportunities
  • Possibility of getting to know the business world

In addition, UCAM has established an Agreement with ACCA according to which our graduates in Business have access to the International Jobs Board, the Webinars portal, the international contacts directory, as well as academic and career guidance materials in the area of finance and accounting. In addition, they can apply for the Advanced Diploma in Business and Accounting from ACCA.


Career Opportunities

The training given by the Degree in Business Administration and Management provides access to labour market through both private and public sector. There is a wide range of professional responsibilities or profiles that can be developed by graduates in Business Administration. The skills acquired by students of the Bachelor's in Business Administration at UCAM prepare them to occupy leading positions, and to set up their own businesses as entrepreneurs.

At the end of this Degree, you are qualified to practice as a professional in the following fields:

  • Set up your own business (entrepreneur).
  • National, regional or local public administration and International Organizations.
  • Teaching: teacher in secondary schools, high schools, vocational training centers or universities.
  • Research.
  • Freelance: Account Auditing, Tax consultant, Financier, Commercial, Human Resources, Wealth Management, Administrative Assistant, Organizational consultant. Accounting advice, advice and consultancy inn other fields: city and environment planning, and management of companies.
  • Private company: Production Department, Human Resources Department, Administration and Finance Department, Accounts and Marketing Department.
  • Emerging fields: Digital Economy, Development of Logistics, Quality, and management of SMEs, internationalization of companies, International management, Tourism Management, Construction Management, industrial companies.
  • Family business.