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Bachelor´s Degree inBusiness Administration


  •   Basic Training (BT): 72
  •  Compulsory (CO): 132
  •  External Practices (EP): 6
  •  Optional (OP): 24
  •  End of Degree Project (EDP): 6
  • Total Credits: 240


Subjects ECTS Type Semester
Principles of Statistics 6 Basic
Business Economics 6 Basic
Macroeconomics I 4,5 Basic
World Economy 4,5 Compulsory
Corporate Accounting  4,5 Compulsory
Labour Law I 4,5 Compulsory
Macroeconomics II 6 Basic
Statistics Applied to Business 6 Basic
Theology II 3 Compulsory
Financial and Tax Law I   6 Compulsory
Corporate Accounting and Financial Statements Analysis  6 Compulsory
Humanities 3 Compulsory
Subjects ECTS Type Semester
Financial Management I 6 Compulsory
Econometrics 6 Compulsory
Marketing 6 Compulsory
Cost Accounting 4,5 Compulsory
Human Resources Management 4,5 Compulsory
Social Doctrine of the Church 3 Compulsory
Financial Management II 6 Compulsory
Commercial Management 6 Compulsory
Operations Management 4,5 Compulsory
Spanish Economy 4,5 Compulsory
Optional Subject 1 4,5 Optional
Optional Subject 2 4,5 Optional
Subjects ECTS Type Semester
Strategic Management and Corporate Policies I 6 Compulsory
Financial Systems 6 Compulsory
Market Research 4,5 Compulsory
Optional Subject 3 4,5 Optional
Optional Subject 4 4,5 Optional 
Applied Ethics and Bioethics 3 Compulsory
Management in Communication and Management Skills 4,5 Compulsory
Strategic Management and Corporate Policies II 4,5 Compulsory
Business English 4,5 Compulsory
Work Placement 6 WP
End of Degree Project 6 EDP
Optional Subject 5 6 Optional
Subjects ECTS Semester
Optional Subject 1 and 2 (choose 2)    
Consumer Behaviour 4,5
Financial and Tax Law II 4,5
Economy and Natural Environment Management 4,5
Auditing 4,5
Business Information Systems 4,5
Optional Subject 3 and 4 (choose 2)    
Financial Analysis 4,5
Quality Management and Innovation 4,5
Commercial Law II 4,5
Labour law II 4,5
Optional Subject 5 (choose 1)    
International Trade 6
European Community Law 6
Business Creation 6

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