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Saludo del Presidente

Founder of the San Antonio University Foundation

The history of dance and music has always been linked to the human action of blessing, praising and thanking God for all the gifts received, as well as pleading with him in situations of suffering, bitterness or fear. The most evident example is the book of Psalms, in the Old Testament, a true expression of the feelings and experiences that men had of God. The Liturgy has always invited us to set them to music, to sing and to dance. The origin and development of Gregorian Music, indissolubly linked to the liturgical celebration, is also an evident example.

On the other hand, St. Augustine already said that "he who sings prays twice". The San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia, from its vocation of service to the Church, to society and in a particular way to each man, in its desire that he knows the Love of God manifested in Jesus Christ, our Savior, could not forget this artistic dimension, as well as the spiritual dimension of the human being, as is the Dance.

This is the starting point for the creation of the University Dance Company of UCAM, its School of Dance, Master's Degree in Dance, Research Group in Performing Arts and Degree in Dance, as well as the beautiful task of introducing our young people to the world of dance through the activities offered by the teaching staff of this University in its teaching centres, with the aim of creating a society full of enthusiasm, motivated to do what they like and to find in this University that place where they can make their dreams come true as performers through the magic of dance.

In addition to the cultural, artistic and educational work, this project is also born with a spirit of service, which will be materialized in a permanent collaboration with various socio-charitable entities of our environment and in charitable actions aimed at helping those who need it most.

We know that all these projects involve work and sacrifice, but the enthusiasm and dedication of all those who have embarked on this task makes us hope for real fruits that are quickly and easily ascertainable, and a multitude of benefits for the sake of an authentic integral development of the human being. We invite you to collaborate with UCAM and to feel part of this wonderful project.