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18th October 2019

On Friday, October 18, 2019, at 6:00 p.m., in Santo Domingo Square in Murcia, there will be a presentation of the show "Fragments", on the occasion of International Breast Cancer Day, a project of the Girasoles Company in collaboration with the UCAM Dance Company. In addition, there will be a presentation of the work on October 8 at 13.00 in the dance hall of the UCAM Sports Center, free admission.

Choreography: Tania Herrero

Charity gala for the Cancer Association.

It is a dance-theater piece about the process of transformation of women throughout their lives, either by the passage of life or by past illnesses.

Although Procesos arises from the experience of having survived breast cancer, of bringing that evolution of the body to movement, it is an abstract piece open to multiple interpretations that will depend on the viewer's look.

When you are young, young, young, (those words resonate in my head through the echo of a few distant years) you believe that life is long, fun and with minor consequences, you feel, you think, that nothing bad can happen, that everything will continue to be a party.

But things happen that you only thought, that you only believed, that happened to the neighbors, or to friends of friends of friends, distant people who did not even caress like a breeze the empathy of the youth who lived in those moments. The virus arrives, the cancer arrives, to change everything, like a tsunami from which you never stop recovering. You're young, but he doesn't care about that.

Doctors, operating rooms, needles, treatments, visits to the hospital, whether your hair falls out or not, you suffer, but the show must go on, life must go on, even if you have the feeling that you have been decomposing along the way. Perhaps, just perhaps, you will be calmed by the hugs and let yourself be rocked by those hands that care for you, night and day.

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18th December 2019

Premiere of the company's new show at the Centro Párraga, "Frecuencia 14, Las 12 virtudes", a show by guest choreographer Carmela García

Frecuencia 14, Las 12 virtudes

The treaty of virtue is fundamental to ethics and morality because it takes us into the fascinating world of the principles and values that the human person should possess in individual and social life.

In order to know, understand and comprehend the meaning of the word virtue, it is convenient to expose the forms and ways in which the concept has been approached, starting from its etymological origin and from the evolution it has had through time.

The word virtue comes from the Greek areté and from the Latin virtus which means virile, strength of character, capacity, aptitude, excellence, dynamism, warlike courage, cordiality, perseverance. These are skills that man acquires through personal effort and adding to his nature that makes him different from others.

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