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Dance Company

Attention hours

Mornings: 09:00am to 14:00pm.

Afternoons: 17:00am to 19:30pm

Contact information

Phone: (+34) 968 27 88 73 (Ext. 873)



UCAM Sports Center

At CC La Noria Outlet

Highway A7 - Exit 571. 30830 La Ñora (Murcia).

Within the European framework of Education, dance is integrated into university studies in the majority of Central European and Nordic countries, complementing a more humanistic educational offer. This is the First University Dance Company in Spain.

The University Dance Company of UCAM premiered in January 2015 in the Circo Murcia Theatre with its first work Fuerza y Fragilidad, this is the first dance company in the university environment at a national level, this young company is taking shape over time beyond its dance activities, it becomes a space for creation, training and research, where the relationships and feelings of performers build a path of growth together based on respect, admiration and professional development. Thanks to the help of this institution we can develop criteria and methods of maximum demand where the training of future generations of artists ,find in this company that artistic family that supports them to realize their dream.

Thanks to its Director Mariló Molina, this company is based on the diffusion and promotion of the art of dance and its extensive repertoire, reserving a wide space for new creation, without forgetting the great playwrights and choreographers of today, favouring the approach of new audiences through their outings to schools and creating the union of dance and university, participating in congresses and turning her artistic works into scientific articles, and of course exhibiting her works in theatres, competitions and festivals, including in the repertoire pieces of other styles such as Flamenco, Classic and Neoclassical, being contemporary dance the style that identifies her, being in the university and investigating the development of new languages she opts for this style to be in the vanguard of the scenic arts.

Artistic Director: Mariló Molina 


  • Teresa Pacheco
  • Catalina Castro 
  • Carmen Codina 
  • Mariló Molina
  • Katherine Valera
  • Ana Molina
  • Isabel Huertas
  • Josephine 
  • Gabriel Caravaca
  • Oriol Abellán
  • Carlota Ramirez
  • Javi Marcos
  • Jesus Lopez
  • Paco Llopez
  • Nuria Martinez
  • Marcos Ruiz

UCAM professors collaborating with the company: Sebastián Gómez Lozano

Playwright and Illumination: Luisma Soriano

Collaborators: Carmen Werner, Janet Novas, Sebastián Gomez Lozano, Monica Guerrero and Vicente Ochoa.