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Ways to Withdraw the Official Certificate

For the withdrawal of the official certificate, the UCAM Certificate Department (Academic Registry) will send you an e-mail notifying you of its availability and the different ways of withdrawing provided in the current legislation.

1. Delivery to the Interested Party

In accordance with the state regulations, the official certificate can only be withdrawn by the interested party (by showing their valid ID/Passport).

For the withdrawal of the certificate, you must first make an appointment online or at the appointment manager when arriving at the University. Appointments made online are handled first.


  Location (Campus de los Jerónimos).

2. Delivery to Third Parties Through Power of Attorney

The official certificate can be withdrawn by third parties, on behalf of the interested party, as long as power of attorney is provided.

3. Government Delegations - Embassies/Consulates

If the third party resides outside of the Autonomous Community of Murcia or in a foreign country, they may request to have the official certificate sent to the Government Delegation or to the Spanish diplomatic headquarters nearest to their address abroad. The withdrawal at these bodies is done in the same way as at the University (with ID/Passport or via an authorised person though power of attorney). 

To start this process, the APPLICATION FORM must be filled out and sent, together with a copy of a VALID ID/PASSPORT, by e-mail to We will contact you to send you a payment document for the fees associated with the delivery (20€ nationwide, 50€ EU countries, 100€ other countries), and once the fees have been paid, we will send you your certificate. 

Within 30 working days from the date of payment, you can contact the Government Delegation or diplomatic headquarters to check the availability and ways of withdrawal.