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General Information - Certificate Department

As the issuing of the official certificate is a lengthy process which involves the University, the Ministry of Education and the Printing House in charge, the regulations foresee the delivery of other documents to the graduate (Degree Confirmation Certificate and Provisional Degree Certificate) before receiving the final Official Certificate, for their insertion in the labour market: 

(1) Degree Confirmation Certificate

After having completed the process of paying the fees and applying for the Official Certificate and Diploma Supplement, the student will receive an email within five working days with the Degree Confirmation Certificate as an attached file as well as instructions on how to download it from the UCAM website. This same email contains the link to apply for the Provisional Degree Certificate.

(2) Provisional Degree Certificate

Once the certificate application has been completed, a Provisional Degree Certificate is issued (without additional cost), which will replace the Official Certificate and will have the same validity for the purposes of exercising the inherent rights. This certification shall include the essential information that must appear on the corresponding certificate, the national register number of official university graduates, and it shall be signed by the rector. Graduates who are going to enter professions for which registration with a professional association is mandatory need this document to register as a member of the association. 

Graduates can request this document once they have received the Degree Confirmation Certificate by email. To do so, they must log in to their student portal from the UCAM website and start the procedure as indicated in the process explanatory guide.

Explanatory guide

Once it is electronically signed by the rector, it will be sent to your email as an attached file with instructions so that you can download it from the website as many time as necessary.

(3) Official Certificate and Diploma Supplement

When the Official Certificate is available, the UCAM Certificate Department will inform you by email to your email address: so that you can proceed with the withdrawal process. 

*The documentation provided by the university is valid, as UCAM issues official electronically signed documents. To verify its authenticity, you can check the credential of the electronic signature on these documents. Electronic signatures are perfectly valid in Spain and, since the 1st of July 2016, also in most EU countries, according to the terms established in Regulation 910/2014 of the 23rd of July 2014 related to electronic identification (updated in 2017).


Official university certificates are valid nationwide, have full academic effects, and entitle holders to exercise their profession in accordance with current legislation.

In order to be valid outside Spain, it must be legalised or, if applicable, apostilled. More information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Education.