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Loss of Certificate

Initial procedure: publication of an announcement in the BOE (Official State Gazette)

In the event of loss, an announcement must be published in the Official State Gazette (Boletín Oficial del Estado) stating the incident so as to facilitate, if appropriate, any subsequent claims. 

The procedure may be carried out in person or via e-mail by contacting indicating the certificate and attaching a scanned copy of a valid identity document.

You will be informed of the steps to be taken and we will provide you with the corresponding fees (from the Official State Gazette) and the announcement for publication.

  • We will send the announcement of the BOE as well as the fees.
  • After thirty days the corresponding fees for the issuance of the new certificate will be sent to you.

Once the regulatory period of thirty working days from the publication of the announcement, without any complaints having been lodged, has elapsed, the interested party may request the issuance of a duplicate of the certificate at the Academic Registry.

If necessary, until the duplicate is issued, the applicant may request the provisional degree certificate of the official certificate.