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Issuance of Duplicates

Any alteration or possible modifications affecting the content of a certificate (change of nationality, surnames, material or factual errors, etc.) will require the withdrawal of the original certificate and the issuance of a duplicate. The interested party must contact the UCAM Certificates Department ( and request the issuance of a duplicate, attaching the original certificate. In the event of damage to the original, the part of the original which allows its identification must be provided.

The fees for issuing the duplicate will shall be borne by the interested party, when the cause for the modification of the content of the duplicate is attributable to them.

  1. Original Certificate.
  2. Valid copy of the ID or, if applicable, the Passport, if the cause of the duplicate is due to a change in the information included in the copy submitted at the time of the application.
  3. Civil registration record: for the alleged changes in surnames and/or name or nationality.
  4. Copy of the publication of the announcement regarding the loss of certificate in the BOE (Official State Gazette), when applicable.