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WITH THE BLESSING OF THE POPE Training in entrepreneurship and employment for the families of the poorest countries

A programme to train trainers was created and, initially, centres to promote employment in Africa and India will be opened. Furthermore, education in ethical values in science and technology will be promoted.

WITH THE BLESSING OF THE POPE Training in entrepreneurship and employment for the families of the poorest countries
José Luis Mendoza, Vincenzo Paglia and José Luis Bonet, held an affectionate meeting yesterday with Pope Francis in which they commented on the project signed that same morning in Rome. The Holiness congratulated you for your commitment

In the poorest countries work under fair conditions is especially scarce, and a lot of families are obliged to live in situations that are impossible to avoid due to the inability to access training and resources. For this reason, Pope Francis is promoting actions that allow entrepreneurship and job creation, according to a development model based on justice, solidarity and brotherhood, as well as respect for the constitutively social and community dimension of the person.

To apply initiatives that allow to reach this goal, Monsignor Vincenzo Paglia and Pierangelo Sequeri, presidents of the Pontifical Academy for Life and of the Pontifical John Paul II Theological Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family, signed today, Friday, an agreement in Rome with José Luis Mendoza, president of UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia, and the president and director general of the INCYDE  Foundation (Institute for the Creation and Development of the Enterprise), José Luis Bonet and Javier Collado. The agreement will allow, furthermore, the participation in international forums organised by INCYDE foundation, with presentations on ethics and technology.

The project, which is based on the pontifical doctrine of protecting the family in an integral way, aims at providing it with the tools necessary to alleviate the situation of poverty in which a lot of countries live, by making family business an essential resource for the development of these areas; for this reason, the two first centres to promote employment will be created in Benin and Nairobi. Furthermore, it will combine a thorough theoretical reflection on the topic of Family, with a solid training to create family businesses.

Furthermore, the initiative will provide a network to guide, look after and give financial help to all those businesses in the complex process of entering the labour market. The unceasing investment that must be made “is encouraged by the permanent request of His Holiness to reach the economic and existential peripheries, by working with tangible and specific means so that words can be backed up by concrete results. It is impossible to work with and on Family if it does not have means to subsist: Family must have the opportunity to provide for itself with dignity”.