Student Profile

UCAM’s Full-Time MBA was particularly designed for people with a desire to advance their careers in the area of business and decision-making.

Core targets of this Master’s Program are international and Spanish university graduates from a variety of academic backgrounds such as law, communication, engineering, arts, health, nutrition, retail or physical activity, striving to gain advanced knowledge in the field of business administration, assessment and consulting, as well as general management, strategy formulation and capacity planning.
For graduates with previous experience in this area, the MBA will be an opportunity to refresh their knowledge and add new perspectives to their focus based on the objectives and values which the program reflects.

Graduate Student Profile

The graduate profile of the Master's in Business Administration (MBA) is adapted to the needs of the market by allowing them to acquire complementary competences, of both specialized and multidisciplinary character, necessary to be able to develop in the future their technical and managerial skills in the management and direction of any organization, through a considerable range of career opportunities, employed or self-employed.
The MBA, as an official postgraduate degree, also allows access to the PhD program for those students who complete and achieve the 300 ECTS, as it is included in the Article 6 of the R.D. 99/2011 28 January.