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Type of collaboration

We offer different types of collaboration to our potential partners, some of which are described in this section and even others that may result from the combination of different collaborative aspects. Each collaboration may present variations both in the way of developing it and in the requirements to carry it out. Types of collaboration:

It consists of a degree awarded by two higher education institutions that offer a joint program that is credited to the successful completion of that program.

It consists of a degree awarded by two higher education institutions that offer a joint program that is credited to the successful completion of that program.

Our Study Abroad Program welcomes students from partner and non-partner institutions who are interested in further education. Our programs are offered on a semester or year-long basis in subjects such as Modern Languages, Business Studies, Sports Science and Tourism Studies.

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We offer a wide range of specialization courses in fields such as Intelligent Tourism Management, Political Communication, Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Biotechnology, Sports Management, Digital Design, along with courses in Spanish Language and Culture, and the duration of the courses is usually 3 or 4 weeks and we also offer complementary activities to enrich the students' experience in Murcia.

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Depending on the specialty of our teachers, we can develop an academic program adjusted to the needs and interests of our academic partners. In addition to the courses requested by any partner institution, we also offer a wide range of services: excursions, visits to companies, language courses, cultural events, accommodation, airport transfers, local transport in Murcia, etc.

We welcome groups of students led by professors from international institutions. Our international educational projects office provides assistance in providing teaching staff or other services upon request.

Other international collaborations

The EduProjects Unit collaborates with different university departments to promote other international collaboration opportunities that are not managed by this unit, but that equally contribute to the internationalization of UCAM:

This path of collaboration is aimed at training institutions interested in giving a university accreditation (university degree) to a program that it teaches. The proposals will enter into a comprehensive continuous evaluation process (study program, teaching staff, facilities, procedures, compliance with the agreement, etc.) by the UCAM. It will also be possible to propose the participation of UCAM teachers in the program, the use of the Virtual Campus, multimedia promotion services or others.

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The International Relations Office (ORI) offers different types of mobility programs abroad so that students can discover and live new experiences in other countries and universities.

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The International Admissions department is dedicated to serve and assist not only during the admissions process but also providing personalised attention to ensure the best university experience and excellent academic progress for all our current and future international students.

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The Vice-Rectorate for Research promotes, coordinates and manages the research, innovation and transfer activities that are carried out at the UCAM and the scientific policy that we develop is based on people: on the improvement and specialization of our researchers and on the training and incorporation of new doctors.

Our Vice President's hallmark is continuous improvement, both in the quality of our services and in the research carried out in our Institution, in order to move towards educational excellence.

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