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About us

The International Educational Projects unit reports directly to the Vice-Rector's Office for International Relations, Communications and ICT. This unit is responsible for the development and management of international projects that do not fall within the scope of student/teaching staff exchange or research (e.g. double degrees, dual degrees, tailor-made programmes, short courses, etc)..

Mission, Vision & Values

  • Strengthening or establishing links with public institutions, private entities, universities and higher education institutions, international agencies or foundations, among others.
  • To manage at institutional and administrative level the educational programs resulting from the collaboration with international partners.
  • To serve as a link between UCAM academics and other international institutions.
  • To contribute to the internationalization of UCAM.

We place special emphasis on the development of new international and interdisciplinary perspectives, on the integration of knowledge with experience and on cultivating close collaboration with our partners.

Organisational Structure