Study abroad

Mode: On Campus (Murcia)
Language English
Duration 6 months or 1 year - Fall semester / Spring semester
Price 3000€ for 6 months / or 6000€ 1 year
Requirements: Undergraduate students or recently graduated
Calendar: 21st January 2019-5th April 2019 / 24th September 2019-5th December 2019.
Deadline to apply: 11th January 2019 / 13th September 2019.
Language requirements Students must be fluent in English

Study Abroad Program

The UCAM large experience in internationalization supports the Study Abroad program that we offer all year long. Our international exposure and the broad spectrum of international students we host every year provides UCAM a better understanding of their academic needs and demands. This program is aimed at both exchange students from partner institutions and students from other universities worldwide who are interested in enriching their academic and personal background by spending one semester or two at our University.

At UCAM, our priority in teaching is to provide personal attention to students and to empower them to develop their skills and abilities through unique program offerings. Our Study Abroad program offers a wide range of courses in fields such as Modern Languages, Business, Sport Sciences and Tourism Studies. All courses are entirely taught in English and students are encouraged to gain a true cultural experience in Murcia and Spain by attending Spanish Language courses, also offered at UCAM.

A four-year degree load at UCAM consists of 240 academic credits, while most modules at the Study Abroad program account for 3-6 credits. Our Program offers students the ability to gain valuable credits (24-30 credits per semester), international experience and a unique cultural understanding; all which prove to be advantageous in today’s globalized labour market.

International students at the Study Abroad program will be part of the UCAM community and will share Campus facilities with our undergraduate and postgraduate students. In addition, all students participating in the program –locals and internationals- will complete the same assignments, projects and assessments. We consider this will be a unique opportunity for international students to gain professional and personal enrichment. Students enrolled in this program receive support from the UCAM when registering. We pride ourselves on the care we take in advising students about the courses that meet their needs and correspond their current level of achievement.



Business English - Fall Semester
Business English - Spring Semester
Physical Activity and Sport Sciences - Fall Semester
Physical Activity and Sport Sciencies - First year
Physical Activity and Sport Sciences - Spring Semester
Physical Activity and Sport Sciencies - First year

New scenery in politics - 5 ECTS

Geopolitical, political and social trends are shaping fast the new century scenery. In this course we will strive to understand how these elements are determining our future: our wellbeing, our welfare and our security.

Cross-cultural communication and business behaviour - 5 ECTS

The current globalization seems to present an ideal environment for companies to be successful anywhere in the world. Only by knowing perfectly our target country business culture should we be able to start doing business. If not, a high risk of failure would be present.


Marketing: new trends in the european union context - 5 ECTS

Managing online identity and how to use it to craft a professional future, building communities and monitoring online conversations will be some of the contents in this subject.

Sport as a “glocal” product: strategic management - 5 ECTS

On the one hand, everybody seems to know what sports is but… does sport mean the same for all of us? Absolutely not. On the other, sport industry is far from being global.


Spanish language, society and culture - 5 ECTS

The course is focused on foreign University students and professionals who wish to start or increase their knowledge in Spanish language, whereas they learn about Spanish society and culture of Spanish speaking countries.


UCAM has created a housing database, available to all international students, as well as members of the educational community, to facilitate their search for housing. International Admissions Staff will assist you to find the right accommodation to suit your needs.

For further information contact:

International Admissions (Spain) (+34) 968 278 786