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1 Academic Year

8.900 €


Faculty of Law and Business

D. Gonzalo W. Fernandez de Bobadilla 

Director of the MBA Degree

Welcome to the Full-Time MBA class! I personally want to thank you for the trust you put in UCAM and in our program.
UCAM is the place for students who want to lead the next generations based on their acquired knowledge, experience and human quality. It is coherent to include an English-taught Master’s Degree in Business Administration in our broad academic offer: with this curriculum, UCAM facilitates a high-quality training program in accordance with the university’s values and objectives and is able to welcome students from all over the world.
The here presented MBA provides graduates from a variety of backgrounds – e.g. law, communication, engineering, arts, and health – with a solid formation in business administration, thereby enabling them to further develop their professional career. After UCAM’s Full-Time MBA, graduates will be ready to start their own businesses as entrepreneurs, act as executive directors, accountants, economists, project administrators and human resources experts or fulfill any other managerial position in a company. To achieve this goal, the teaching faculty is composed of both academic lecturers as well as company executives who will assist students in developing their knowledge and skills.
With a total of 60 ECTS, the MBA is an Official Master’s Program with recognition throughout the European Higher Education Area, paving access to any aspired Ph.D. program. The 360 hours of lectures are complemented with a minimum of 150 hours of hands-on experience in a company and 990 hours of practical work – individual or as a group. Moreover, from April on students should dedicate 1.5 hours a day to work on their Master’s Project, which they will present and defend in September.
The curriculum requires a high level of personal commitment, effort and organization of the students’ daily workload in order to prepare future graduates to achieve their academic goals.