Fundamentals of 3D Digital Design & Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

Mode: On Campus
Language English
Duration 3 weeks, 60 contact hours
Fees €-- /student
Campus Murcia

Services provided:
1 Professor/tutor for free Professor/tutor for free
Accommodation (triple or double room upon availability)
Breakfast and lunch (excluded weekends)
Group airport transfer service (Alicante or Murcia San Javier)
Bus ticket (Murcia city)
Teaching materials
UCAM welcome pack - Murcia city center tour
Get a global vision of the additive manufacturing process: from the digital modeling of an object to its final 3D printing.
Know the basics of 3D design through advanced CAD tools such as Solid Works.
Focus the design process to additive manufacturing.
Obtain digital models through digitizing techniques such as scanning.
Understand the basics of 3D printers: electronics, mechanics, etc.
Control the maintenance and operation of 3D printers.
Know the properties of the most common materials used for 3D printing.
Manage a full additive manufacturing project.
Get in contact with the 3D printing industry and entrepreneurs.
WEEK 1: 3D DESIGN (Part I)
Session 1: (Mr. Germán Meoro-Avilés) Basic concepts of Solidworks
Session 2 : (Mr. Germán Meoro-Avilés) Introduction to the sketch
Session 3: (Mr. Germán Meoro-Avilés) Basic part modeling: Extrusion
Session 4: (Mr. Germán Meoro-Avilés) Basic modeling of parts: Revolution
Session 5: (Mr. Germán Meoro-Avilés) Company Visit I: Seminar at Cella Medical Solutions
Session 1: (Mr. Germán Meoro-Avilés) Basic model of parts: Sweep
Session 2: (Mr. Germán Meoro-Avilés) Configuration of starting formats
Session 3: (Mr. Germán Meoro-Avilés) Drawings and plans
Session 4: (Mr. Germán Meoro-Avilés) Assembly and Sub-assumptions
Session 5: (Mr. Ginés Estrada) Company Visit II: GAE: 3D printer manufacturer
Session 1: (Various) 3D Printing Fundamentals
Session 2: (Mr. Jaime Navarro) 3D FDM printing
Session 3: (Mr. Jaime Navarro) 3D Printing issues, problems and solutions
Session 4: (Mr. Jaime Navarro) Post-processing techniques
Session 5: (Mr. José Acosta) Practice: Advance 3D Printing

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