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UCAM, COE and FC Barcelona, united on the basis of teaching and research in high level sports

The agreement was signed by the presidents of the three entities: Josep María Bartomeu (FC Barcelona), Alejandro Blanco (Spanish Olympic Committee) and José Luis Mendoza (Catholic University of Murcia)

UCAM, COE and FC Barcelona, united on the basis of teaching and research in high level sports
José Luis Mendoza, Alejandro Blanco and Josep María Bartomeu

Mon, 04/03/2019 - 10:35

The agreement contemplates cooperating for developing post-graduate formation, elaboration of research projects and developing scientific projects directed towards the improvement of performance and injury prevention.

Furthermore, Barca athletes will have an offer for scholarships, so that they can combine their studies together with training and competitions. Through Global Sports University, UCAM has first-level degrees in all of the areas in sports (management, high performance sport, nutrition, physiotherapy, psychology, journalism…) and has top researchers to complete pioneering projects together with FC Barcelona, who have some of the most outstanding professionals and athletes, for example, in football, basketball, handball, roller hockey, indoor football and athletics.

Regarding the academic offer in the sports area, and future scientific congresses and seminaries organised by UCAM and COE, the possibility of collaboration with Barca will be seen, while the club will have the possibility to achieve an university certificate for the courses offered by their ‘FCB Innovation Hub’.

The Catholic University of Murcia, as an international reference in formation, investigation and competitive sports, Barca, one of the mayor sports clubs in the world, and the Spanish Olympic Committee, the institution that bears the universal values of Olympics, will provide their experience and human capital for working together.

Bartomeu, president of the entity, brought out the importance of this agreement “because I believe that we are the club in the world with the most athletes, professionals and amateurs in many different fields. It is fundamental to collaborate for their formation to know what people are after their retirement from the work life”. He brought out the role of ‘FCB Innovation Hub’ as one of the key elements of the agreement: “There is a lot of knowledge that we want to share, and this will be possible thanks to José Luis Mendoza. The union between COE and UCAM allows us to get to the highest heights, and to reach more young athletes”.

Alejandro Blanco explained that this triple-alliance “is something extraordinary because it unites the activities of UCAM and COE with a club that has a great willingness to educate, and also towards expansion of sports. We have willingness to help athletes, and to do that together with Barcelona gives us great value in front of the society. The people behind the athletes are what is important, and the primary priority is to help these athletes with their education”. President of COE concluded bringing up the good image that transcends beyond this agreement: “I think that this message of innovation, research and education is very positive, not only for the athletes, but also for the society”.

Since the academic part, represented by José Luis Mendoza, the agreement supposes another step forward, confirming UCAM as the University of Sports in Europe: “It’s a historical agreement that will be very important in the area of education and research, helping all of the athletes and members of Barca with scholarships so that they can study at UCAM. Barcelona is a club that is a global reference and working with them in formation, investigation and official masters in sports is going to be impressive. There are many degrees we can develop with them.”