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"Spain has evolved greatly in the world of 'gaming' in recent years"

Digital entertainment has been the main theme of the last day of UCAM Smart Campus 2016, with the presence of professional 'gamer' Antonio Rivas 'Flipin' – one of the leading ‘eSports’ players<br /> <br /> &nbsp;

"Spain has evolved greatly in the world of 'gaming' in recent years"
Antonio 'Flipin' Rivas and UCAM professor Tao Martinez have a speech in the Assembly Hall

Fri, 29/04/2016 - 12:51

The third edition of 'UCAM Smart Campus' was held on Thursday April 28th, at UCAM, with a main theme ‘digital entertainment’ and 'eSports'. Experts discussed this subject, focusing on labor market opportunities in the short and medium term.

The most anticipated guest of the morning was Antonio Rivas 'Flipin', a professional game player, who came to share his personal experiences as one of the leading 'eSports' players in Spain.  Since 14 years old, he has been playing and competing with the game 'Counter Strike', which changed the game industry in Spain: "The game industry in our country has evolved significantly, and in many ways. It's funny because when I was a child, everybody told me that I was a geek, but today things are much different. People see technology as the future, as many 'youtubers' or 'bloggers’ have become professionals, thanks to the internet".

'Flipin' says that dedication and self improvement are keys to success if young people want to follow this career path as a professional player. “It is a long road. Although it has evolved a lot in Spain, we are still far behind in many ways. If you want to succeed you have to work hard if you want this to be  your career, you must strive for excellence. Plan what you want to achieve and do everything possible to achieve this: effort, dedication and organization".

Another participant was Sergi Mesonero, director of strategy for the League of Professional Video, who stated that electronic sports have  more followers: "In Spain, there are already more than a million supporters and participants for electronic sports". Innkeeper explained the phenomenon of 'eSports', a new leisure industry has grown steadily in recent years.

Strategy director of the League of Professional Video games mentioned "tracking 'eSports' is widely distributed geographically throughout Spain, but above all, it is characterized by having more players in metropolitan areas such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza, Bilbao, Valencia and Murcia, where they witness more boom. This game is known as the most played game in the world and the most popular tracking  game in Spain, "League of Legends has more than 100 million players in Spain”.

Sergi Mesonero concluded by explaining that it is regarded as the current video game of professional players in the game industry: "The races of professional players are short, but there are Spanish players who have excelled not only in Spain but also abroad, as Enrique Cedeño 'xPeke' - a Murcian player. A year ago, there was an exception, one player signed a contract and got salary in the first division, and now forty players of the eight teams in the division of honor, are all professionals and live on it".

Although it seems to be a world of men, Mesonero explained that "more and more girls have  participated, but around 35% of them are fans. Girls still fight to participate in the first division, there are 3 girls who can be presented in this upper level".