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Murcia health aid in Uganda with the support of UCAM

The NGO Worldproject has organised another expedition to the African country made up of eight members, three of whom are professors at the Universidad Católica de Murcia. This team is going to offer free health care to patients in the area, as well as train professionals

The expedition is made up of nurses Manuel Pardo, vice-dean of the Degree in Podiatry at UCAM; Giulio Fenzi and Asunción Quirante, professors at the Universidad Católica de Murcia; Manuel Luque, president of the NGO Worldproject; Dafne Granado (physiotherapist); Yassel Parra (doctor), and the emergency health technicians Rubén Gabarrón and Gustavo López. This Wednesday at 12:00h, the expedition will be at UCAM to finalise preparations before their departure in the afternoon for Madrid, from where they will travel to Uganda. 

After last year's wonderful experience, this group of teachers and health professionals will travel to Uganda with the NGO Worldproject to carry out humanitarian work for several weeks. The Universidad Católica de Murcia, an institution which promotes and collaborates with solidarity initiatives in different parts of the world, has helped to finance part of the work and equipment of a new clinic that will offer free health care to the inhabitants of the Kikaya area (Uganda). Medical material will be shipped to the clinic, and training in various pathologies and emergency procedures will also be provided to the local team.  

UCAM staff showing life-saving techniques to locals

During the international cooperation carried out last year in Kikaya, the team equipped an ambulance and an emergency clinic and trained the medical staff. In Kikaya, a permanent unit with a doctor, two nurses and a midwife has already been established. In addition, during their stay, the volunteers attended to patients in their homes and transferred patients to the clinic and hospitals who, due to their state of health or age, could not go to a health centre.