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Master´s Degree in

Innovation and Tourism Marketing


The university follows an internal process of constant renewal and accreditation to maintain the most limited quality changes in our educational system.

Logo THE University Teaching Rankings

10th Spanish University in teaching quality

according to Times Higher Education Europe Teaching Ranking 2019

The ranking of the prestigious Times Higher Education places UCAM as the tenth university in Europe in terms of teaching quality

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Logo Fundación CyD

UCAM valued for its contribution to regional development

according to the Fundación CyD Ranking

This ranking ratifies the quality of the actions of the Catholic University in its work to strengthen the university-business alliance through research and cooperation between both sectors in the Region of Murcia.

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UCAM, the Spanish university with the highest growth in research

according to IUNE

The last data analyzed by the IUNE ranking correspond to the year 2017 and it is proved that in the last five years the growth has been over 200%.

In the last year, the University has allocated more than 17 million euros to research

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Logo Fundación Compromiso y Transparencia

UCAM No. 8 in the Spanish private universities (Seal "Translucent")

according to Transparency Ranking University 2018

This ranking measures the commitment to dialogue that universities have with their stakeholders to respond to their information expectations.

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Logo Digital Group

The UCAM, the private university with the highest reputation among the Spanish

according to Digital Group

The Catholic University of Murcia leads the ranking of brand awareness in the private university sector in Spain according to data provided by IMOP Institute of Marketing and Public Opinion.

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Logo Ministerio Chino

Recognition by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China

The Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China recognizes the Catholic University of Murcia as one of the universities recommended for Chinese students to study abroad.

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Logo Gobierno España

Decoration Civil Order Alfonso X the Wise

by the Government of Spain

Awarded to the President of the University for the merits he has brought to society in the field of teaching, research, culture and sport

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Logo European Athletics

European Athletics Award

by the Association of European Athletes

European Athletics' awards UCAM for its dual career model so that athletes can study a university career at the same time as they pursue their professional careers

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Logo Consejo Superior de Deportes

Joaquin Blume Trophy

by the Supreme Sports Council

Prize awarded to the University for its work in promoting and encouraging sport

Logo NY Summit

New York Awards for Social Commitment and Contribution

by Inspiring Committed Leaders Foundation

Awarded to the President of the University for his contribution and social commitment through UCAM in favor of education

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Logo Premio Internazionale Giuseppe Sciacca

New York Awards for Social Commitment and Contribution

by the International Association of Culture and Volunteering 'Uomo e Società

University of Murcia in the promotion of culture, the formation of young people, and the defence of the basic principles of civil society, in respect for the teachings of the Supreme Pontiffs and the Social Doctrine of the Church.

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Best in Show' award for the best simulation application

at the International Meeting on Simulation in Health

UCAM has been awarded this prize for its Body Interact clinical reasoning board

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Logo European Foundation for Health, Research and Education

Declaration of European Cardioprotected Space

by the European Foundation for Health, Research and Education

The University received from the Declaration of Cardioprotected Space, becoming the first European entity of the university education sector declared as Cardioprotected Space by the (EFHRE).

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Logo Antena de Oro

Golden Antenna Award

by the National Association of RTV Professionals

José Luis Mendoza, president of the Catholic University of Murcia was awarded for his support to the media and his social commitment, reflected in the many projects he is developing

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Logo Mutua Universal

Innovation and Health Award

by Mutua Universal

The University has been awarded for its commitment to excellence and quality, both in the degrees it offers and in the actions it carries out in the social field.

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