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Master´s Degree inInnovation and Tourism Marketing

Everything you need to know to be a UCAM student:

Title Quality Committee

The Commission on the Quality of the Master (CCT) of Innovation and Tourism Marketing Master, is dedicated to the revision, updating and improvement of the training programs.

Training outcomes: rates

Fulfillment of the objectives with respect to obtaining the competences of the Master and the values of each indicator. The rates measure the evolution of the values of a set of indicators.

Evaluation and improvement of the quality of the title

The Quality Committee of the Master in Innovation and Tourism Marketing (CCT) is aware of its constitution and structure, several actions have been developed to evaluate and improve the Master.

  • Report on the Master of student satisfaction with the title
  • Stakeholder Satisfaction Analysis Procedure (PM 02):
    This procedure aims to ensure that the San Antonio Catholic University (UCAM) has mechanisms in place that allow it to obtain information on the satisfaction of the various interest groups (students, academic staff, administration and services personnel, employers, graduates...) in order to make decisions on improving the quality of the teaching provided.
Internal quality assurance system

The University has an internal Quality Assurance System. For more information click here.

Legislation applicable to the organization of official university studies, general and academic regulations of the San Antonio Catholic University and the official nature of the degree.

We have set up an accreditation mailbox so that any member of the University Community can contact it and make any suggestions or considerations they deem appropriate regarding the Self-Report made by each Degree, which is accessible through its website. You must select the name of the Degree on which you are going to make your comments. The purpose of this initiative is to contribute to the continuous improvement of the title, thus participating in this Accreditation Process.

1. Complaint / Suggestion to the Title. First Instance.

  • BEGINNING: The process begins, at the request of any member of the university community, by inserting the complaint or suggestion in the support platform.
  • INSTRUCTION: The Commission of Quality of the Degree will proceed to the study and evaluation of the same, having a maximum of fifteen working days to issue and transfer a resolution containing, if appropriate, the relevant corrective actions.
  • COMMUNICATION OF THE RESPONSE TO THE USER: Once the resolution has been issued, it will be communicated to the requesting user through the web application where the complaint/suggestion form is filled in, as well as through the e-mail address informed in the same for notifications.


2. Claim before the University Ombudsman. Second Instance.

If the resolution issued by the Commission on the Quality of the Degree does not satisfy the user, through the support platform.

The University Ombudsman, once the information of all parties has been gathered and the applicable regulations have been reviewed, will evaluate the content of the complaint/suggestion presented and will issue, within a maximum period of thirty working days, a resolution that will be sent to the user through the web application designed for this purpose.

Note: Student Care can assist if needed.

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