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Grants for University Top-Level Athletes

To begin your studies at our University under the UCAM High Level Athletes Programme, all you have to do is fill in the form and submit the corresponding request so that we can assess your profile and see if you fit into our scholarships and grants scheme. You should add as much information as possible about your sporting history to be reviewed by our experts in each field. Discounts on the registration fee will be assessed by the Technical Department of the Sports Service.

To be part of the UCAM High Level Athletes Programme you need to renew your application every academic year. You must apply for it using the same form at the end of each academic year.


Most important formalities

Here you have all the options: admission procedure.

In case you are already a UCAM athlete, you will have to contact of the Sports Service, to complete all the formalities.

Information for international students or students with foreign studies For questions and queries, please contact: Óscar Rodríguez Pasmiño (

Information for students who wish to study at UCAM Vocational Training. Please see the admissions procedure or contact 968 27 88 48 or

Students who access a university degree and come directly from the EBAU or from the University Admission Test for Seniors, as well as those who have been previously enrolled in other universities but have not finished their studies, must transfer their transcript to UCAM.

Once students have applied for a transfer of their transcript at their home university, they must submit the stamped receipt provided there to

See transcript transfer process

You may check the recognition of your previous studies towards your future studies in the following tables:

View recognition tables

Students from other universities can find out about the credits that can be recognised by requesting a preliminary study free of charge; on an unofficial basis.


All the information about Credit Recognition, recognition tables, access by Advanced Vocational Training Course, recognition of UCAM degrees, etc... is available in this link:

The official application for Credit Recognition is made after the enrolment process has been completed. Any subjects included in this application must not be included in the enrolment form, in which only the subjects to be taken shall be included.

In case you are already an official UCAM athlete, you have to contact of the Sports Service to complete all the formalities.

Click on this link for the support guides, for new students or for students in their second year and upwards. Enrolments can be completed once the student has been admitted to the corresponding degree course, and will include a maximum of 60 credits or a full year.


The Sports Service will help UCAM Athletes to arrange the Exemption from Attendance to the theoretical subjects, in both classroom-based and blended learning degrees. Other student athletes who wish to apply should contact the Sports Service at the following address:

Sports Tutors

Juan Flores Medina Juan Flores Medina

Tutor Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

Miguel Ángel Calvo Piqueres Miguel Ángel Calvo Piqueres

Tutor Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

María Del Pilar Vílchez Conesa María Del Pilar Vílchez Conesa

Tutor Bachelor's Degree in Primary/Early Childhood Education

Moisés Meroño Herranz Moisés Meroño Herranz

Tutor Bachelor's Degree in Education, in Business Management and Marketing

María Ascensión Miralles González-Conde María Ascensión Miralles González-Conde

Tutor Bachelor's Degree in Advertising and Public Relations

Antonio Luis Soler Marín Antonio Luis Soler Marín

Tutor Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition and in Food Science and Technology

Santiago López Miranda González Santiago López Miranda González

Tutor Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition and in Food Science and Technology

Fulgencio Buendía López Fulgencio Buendía López

Tutor Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy

Pedro Castrillo Romón Pedro Castrillo Romón

Tutor Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunication Technology Engineering

María Magdalena Cantabella Sabater María Magdalena Cantabella Sabater

Tutor Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering

Juan Alfonso Garcia Roca Juan Alfonso Garcia Roca

Tutor Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Exercise Science, Cartagena

Francisco José Cánovas Álvarez Francisco José Cánovas Álvarez

Tutor Bachelor's Degree in Sports and Exercise Science, Murcia

Ruth Pastor Campos Ruth Pastor Campos

Tutor Bachelor's Degree in Occupational Therapy

Where to find us

In Noria Outlet Shopping Centre
A7 Motorway - Exit 571. 30830, La Ñora  (Murcia).

 968 27 88 70

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