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Who are we?

From the Human Resources Department of the San Antonio Catholic University we welcome you to our department and thank you for the interest you show us with your visit. We are pleased to be able to talk to you about the tasks we perform every day to achieve our goals.

These tasks are developed in three well-defined areas of action: human resources management, personnel management and prevention of occupational hazards, all aimed at offering the best service to all those who require our attention, whether they are external customers (job seekers, public administrations, private companies or society in general), or internal customers (PDI, PAS or students).

As you will see, the breadth of the functions entrusted to us (human resources management, occupational risk prevention, environmental management and attention to disability) will make many of the sections in these pages useful to you.

To make browsing easier, we have structured this page into three sections: the first, "about us", provides general information about the department; "contact" will enable you to obtain all the information you need to request our help immediately and, finally, "services" provides each group we serve with the most relevant content from the different areas of the department.



Guirado Aguilera, Diego

Director of Human Resources

Phone: 968 278 817



Truque Díaz, Alejandro

Responsible for HR development

Phone: 968 278 863



Moreno Moñino, José Alberto

Human Resources Technician

Phone: 968 278 899



De Pascual Tormo, Francisco

Human Resources Technician

Phone: 968 278 665



Frutos Rodríguez, Antonio Manuel

Technician in occupational risk prevention

Phone: 968 277 970



García García, Carmen María

Human resources management

Phone: 968 278 538

Email: cmgarcí


Mendoza García, María Dolores

Human resources collaborator

Phone: 968 278 863



Malgorzata Maria Raczynska