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Transfer of records and simultaneity of studies

Transfer of records

The Central Secretariat will provide the student with a letter of admission and will inform him/her that he/she should apply for a transfer of records at the university where he/she took the admission tests (entrance examination and admission test for people over 25) or to the secretary's office of the Faculty or School (students with unfinished studies).

The student will have to contact the corresponding university where he or she will be asked for the UCAM admission letter and will have to pay the corresponding fees for the transfer of his or her record. The receipt of payment of these fees must be submitted to the Central Secretariat within the deadlines set for each academic year.

Students who request a transfer of their record to study at other universities must request a form from the Central Secretariat to pay the fees for issuing the official academic certificate (transfer of records), which can be requested at the Secretariat or downloaded from the Virtual Campus. The student will have to submit the form indicating that payment has been made and the letter of admission or registration from the other university to the Central Secretariat in order to proceed with the transfer.

Simultaneity of Studies

Order of 28 September 1984 (Official Gazette of the Spanish Government 9 October 1984)

The students who want to start other university studies at the same or different universities, simultaneously with those carried out at the centre in which their academic record is kept, must proceed as indicated:

Students will indicate in the application form their intention to combine studies. They must provide an academic certificate if they come from a university other than UCAM and a request addressed to the Vice-Chancellor’s Office.

If simultaneous studies are applicable, the student will have to submit the receipt of payment of the transfer fees for simultaneous studies to the Central Secretariat. Students who wish to combine studies at the same time within UCAM will not have to pay the transfer fee

They must submit a request to combine studies to the University's Vice-Chancellor’s Office.

If simultaneity is appropriate, the student will have to present a letter of admission from the other university and a payment form for the rights to issue an academic certificate with the character of simultaneous studies (payment form available at the Central Secretariat or Virtual Campus).