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UCAM President María Dolores García welcomes the new Student Council

Renewed and commencing a new term, the student representative body has held its first meeting

UCAM President María Dolores García welcomes the new Student Council
The new UCAM Student Council has already held its first meeting with the president, María Dolores García

The Chapter House of the Los Jerónimos Monastery hosted the introduction of the thirteen students who form the new Student Council of the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia.

Accompanied by Josefina García, UCAM Rector, and Manuel Ruiz, Vice-Rector of Quality and Academic Planning, UCAM President María Dolores García welcomed the new members of the council, who emphasised their intention to work for their students and for the development of UCAM from day one.

The students of the new Student Council, who will elect their president in the near future, are: Carmen Chávez (Faculty of Law), Camilo Angulo (Communication Sciences), Francisco José Pérez (Nursing), José Miguel Vicente (Economics and Business), Paula García-Tapia (Polytechnic School), Edem Koptsyukh (Sports), Tessa Font (Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Occupational Therapy), Paula Sánchez (Medicine), Purificación Rodríguez (Education), José Manuel Rodríguez (Pharmacy and Nutrition), Adrián Andújar (Cartagena Campus), Alejandra Miñano (Online Learning) and Mohamad Al Said (International Students’ Representative).

María Dolores García thanked all these young adults for their involvement in creating ‘a better and greater university. You will always have a great input of ideas and suggestions that can help us understand the concerns and wishes of our students, so that we can all work together and improve our institution’.

Furthermore, Josefina García stressed the importance of this renewed body since ‘students are at the centre of all our activity and rigorous work’. Manuel Ruiz thanked the students for ‘taking the initiative, being at the service of their colleagues, standing up for the university and improving this institution’. Adrián Massotti, current president of the Student Council, has made himself available to María Dolores García and UCAM to add ‘as much as possible and contribute to the university's continued improvement and growth’.