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The UCAM Murcia BSR players, protagonists in the Spanish National Team that plays in the World Cup

Four players, a physiotherapist and the coach, who belong to the Murcia club, met with María Dolores García, UCAM president, before leaving for Dubai

The UCAM Murcia BSR players, protagonists in the Spanish National Team that plays in the World Cup
UCAM Murcia BSR together with María Dolores García, UCAM president

The players Sonia Ruiz (captain of the Club and the National Team), Beatriz Zudaire, Lourdes Ortega and Vicky Vilariño, the physiotherapist Marta Vargas and the coach Franck Belén form the UCAM representation that is part of the Spanish National Wheelchair Basketball Team that will play the World Cup in Dubai in June. Before leaving for Madrid, where they will join the rest of the national team, they had a meeting with María Dolores García, President of the Universidad Católica de Murcia, and Pablo Rosique, Director of Sports of the educational institution at the Los Jerónimos Campus.

In it, a review of the season of the UCAM Murcia BSR – in which the goals have been achieved – and the calendar and objectives for the World Championship have been discussed. Sonia Ruiz, captain of UCAM BSR and the national team said ‘we think we have a chance of being among the top five teams, and it would be very important to achieve a spot for our continent for the 2024 Paris Games’.

Beatriz Zudaire, who recently finished her studies in Psychology at UCAM, where she is now studying the Master's Degree in General Health Psychology, was happy to be part of the national team and to represent her University at this international event: ‘I have the opportunity to study at the same time as I train and compete, and no one else could have given me this opportunity better than UCAM. I am very proud to wear its name around Spain and the world. Marta Vargas is another example of the fruits of the UCAM COE sports model. She studies the Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics combining it with her work as a physiotherapist for the club and the national team.

As for the coaching staff, Franck Belén, who is the club's coach and national team manager, explained his feelings before the training camp: ‘We are very excited. There are six representatives of UCAM Murcia out of fifteen. I think we are going to do well, although we have to bear in mind that this is a relatively new team; we don't have a lot of experience. We are aiming to at least reach the quarter-finals, which will be essential in order to reach the Paralympics, which is the priority for us’.