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The UCAM Language School opens its registration period

With courses aimed at all audiences, both classroom-based and online, this year the school also offers Hebrew as a new language.

Tue, 20/09/2022 - 09:59

English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Spanish Sign
, and now Hebrew too are the languages offered at the UCAM Language School this
academic year 2022-23. Our classroom-based and online courses are designed for everyone
who wants to learn or improve their level in any of the languages offered, and the registration
period for this academic year is now open.

UCAM is an accredited training and examination centre for the official Trinity College London
exams (GESE, ISE I, ISE II, ISE III), a training and examination centre for Cambridge University
exams (PET, FIRST, CAE) and an official examination centre of the Instituto Cervantes for the
DELE Spanish exams and the CCSE tests, required to obtain the Spanish nationality.

Biblical and Modern Hebrew
UCAM introduces Hebrew as a new language, in both specialities: Biblical and Modern Hebrew
—for the latter, the method followed will be the one used in Israel in the Ulpanim and the
textbooks followed by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
In addition, the UCAM Language School offers the ESI Executive programme, aimed at
companies interested in training their employees in a specific language. To this end, companies
can benefit from quality training through Fundae (a subsidy offered for this purpose), either at
their own premises or at the UCAM facilities.