UCAM Dental: one of the largest university dental clinics in Spain

With more than 1,800 square meters, it will offer its services to the whole society

17 May 2018

UCAM Dental


The Catholic University of Murcia, in its continued commitment to quality training and its vocation of service, especially in the field of health, launched the UCAM University Dental Clinic.
The Clinic opened its doors with a double objective: to be an odontological reference center for patients of all ages and pathologies, as well as to serve future dentists and dental professionals when it comes to expanding their practical training.
With advanced technologies and the professionals staff, the students of the Bachelor Degree in Dentistry at the Catholic University will do their internships in this innovative Clinic.

UCAM Dental has a clinical and surgical area with 52 boxes equipped with latest technologies, sterilization area and radiology area with the highest technology for three-dimensional images. It also has waiting rooms, recovery rooms, monitoring and control of practices for undergraduate and postgraduate classes, patient care offices, library and meeting room, administrative areas and services, etc.

The clinic has several areas:

Clinical Area
This area is composed mainly of 20 boxes, equipped with a last generation chair, in which students can perform dental treatments to the patients, always being supervised by a professor.
This practical learning method will allow students to acquire the practical experience and the necessary skills to become a professional in this field.
Four of these boxes are ambidextrous: they are prepared so that both right-handed and left-handed people can work on them with the same effort.

Sterilization Area
This area, equipped with the cutting-edge technology, has the main objective of ensuring that the sterilization cycle is properly developed.

Classrooms: the training space
The dental clinic UCAM Dental, has 3 classrooms. One of them has the capacity to accommodate 72 students and the other two are prepared for 52 students. These classrooms are fully equipped with a high-end projector so that students can receive their theoretical classes properly.

Our cabinets are equipped with armchairs from the prestigious SIRONA brand, a benchmark in innovation.

Recovery room
It is a clinic room that aims for our patients to rest and relax after an intervention.

Waiting rooms and reception
The dental clinic UCAM Dental, has 2 waiting rooms where the patient can find the necessary facilities to make their stay pleasant, since it has natural light and plasma screens. One of them, is specially designed for the children.
Our clinic has a wide reception where patients receive a warm welcome.