Estudia en la UCAM


On Campus


231.67 €/ECTS

13900.00 EU





ECTS Credits

300 ECTS


5 years

  • Taught in english
  • Odontology Clinic
  • The latest cutting-edge technology in learning
  • Internal internships start from the first year and guaranteed professional internships


Alejandro Pallarés, student in Bachelor's Degree in Dentistry

"I must highlight that my teachers have always been really quick and ready to answer any of my doubts and the personal treatment has been very close to all students. We have a personal tutor".

Career Opportunities

  • Work in the healthcare sector.
  • Clinical practices in public and private odontology clinics, and in the management of dental companies.
  • Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illnesses and problems affecting the teeth, the mouth, the jaw bones and the neighboring areas.
  • Excellent opportunities exist in teaching, research, careers with government agencies or in the industry.


UCAM offers more than 2.000 practice-internship agreements. The university also offers the International Dentistry Research Professorship with excellent national and international clinicians and researchers, leaders in the field.

Student Profile

Students interested in joining the Degree of Dentistry at UCAM must demonstrate skills:

  • Skills in basic sciences and a developed power of observation, care and analysis.
  • Interest in oral, dental and general health problems showing a clear commitment to service.
  • Good habits of study, organization, self-criticism and ease to work as a team.
  • Skills to establish interaction, listen and understand the patient.
  • Ability to adapt to changes.


One of the distinctive features of the Degree in Dentistry in UCAM is that it offers innovative subjects such as Dentistry and Dietetics, Dentistry and Sport or Management and Planning of Dentistry Surgery, those of which open new professional development for the graduates. Besides that, you will have the guidance of teachers involved 100% with your, as well as fully-equipped facilities, such as the Dentistry Surgery.

Study in Spain at UCAM offers you a quality academic program focused on your future professional success from day one. Our Bachelor in Dentistry offer contact with the real profession, due to multiple clinical internship hours.


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